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Anchoring in a higher vibration....

How will we emerge ?

The current situation for many may be overwhelming, changing the way we live, work and interact. How can we find an anchor and hold more presence in our daily lives in an environment of growing uncertainty. Being grounded and feeling centred is vital, as is developing awareness of a bigger picture which includes the ways we may be called to heal and grow in order for us to reach a breakthrough right now.

We find ourselves in a potent time for internal self reflection and preparation, as the Earth begins to heal, can we hold a vision for this greater potential for humanity to follow. A time for us all to connect, find our inner strength, hope, resilience and freedom and to encode these higher frequencies into the morphogenic field. This is a vast field of energy, like a universal feedback loop in life where our intention literally begins to shape our reality.

We could choose to view this global pause as a portal of change, where when we honour our connection to nature and humanity, we can bring greater harmony and unify a greater sense of collective purpose.

During this time we have had to re-evaluate what is a necessity in our lives. These deeper more meaningful choices come when we become more aware of what conditioned patterns have been running our lives. It is a time to practice slowing down and discovering inner stillness, to listen and connect.To deeply listen we are required to withdraw in order to hold awareness of how we process life, listening is not a result of hearing, it is done with our whole of our being.

For me it has become a time to deepen into spiritual practice and develop a stronger connection to the sense of oneness, for insight and to uncover what is truly essential and nourishing. What if we are all being asked to listen, connect and expand……calling forward our highest light and to raise our vibration. A shared collective intention holds a vast intensity of light and also coherence in the morphogenic field. Could this unifying global connection possibly be the breakthrough for healing and raising the vibration of humanity.

I have been working more deeply with my crystals and looking at emotional and mental patterns that can be shifted, what can I let go of at this time. I want to share with you the energies of Sodalite as it is such a beautiful crystal for meditation and healing.

Sodalite is a rich deep blue crystal with some veining or mottled patches of white Calcite. It holds a gentle but also profound energy that connects to insight and intuition. Intuition is the body’s way of aligning to harmony, flow and a higher potential, it’s a natural guidance system that creates a deepening of inner sensitivity. It is the subtle internal voice of the feminine psyche and the more you trust your intuition the more you connect to your inner knowing, and can help to release deep unease and anxiety.

It deepens your connection to your essence, the gentleness of your being and your ability to find acceptance. You are able to take a view from a higher perspective and helps you to go deeply into the inner self, for greater clarity and integration. This higher awareness aids in detaching from obsessive thinking and thought patterns, you gain an openness and trusting that arises when you release constricting life patterns. It helps to soften thoughts that lie rooted in the perception of fear, and to balance intellect with intuition. It is a wonderful crystal to clear the mind, it brings through a deeply supportive energy, calming and balanced.It’s inner system is cubic and can help bring in and to hold higher awareness. In meditation it can deepen your presence and connects to wisdom and to greater sense of or connection to all things. It also has a protective quality, which I find most beneficial at this time where there is a lot of fear.

This week I have also been drawn to the growing fullness of the Scorpio Full Moon (the last of three Super Moons) or Flower Moon…at time of transformation and celebration of beauty….a potent symbol of birthing something new….may beauty surround us all.

Wishing you all light.

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