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Aligning to the Inner Strength

With a couple of months to go before we are called to spring forth with action and clarity, we are in a very important place to align to our inner strength and nourish ourselves from what brings us joy. By really making this our focus we will be ready, energised and strong to fully welcome the energy of rebirth and possibilities that come with the fresh green shoots of Spring. Finding our inner core and centre is vital to maintaining our life force, we are in a perfect place for deeper work in meditation and looking at old energy patterns and blocks. With this powerful jump into a new decade we are all really being called to look at our shadows and hold them in light, this will help strengthen the feminine aspect and use it as a force for healing and creation. At Light and Body Space we have been working to bring through a new workshop that is all about igniting this path of the divine feminine. The workshop will run on 22nd February. 22 is a powerful frequency to align to our life purpose and bring through greater trust and connection to inner wisdom. The feminine principle emerges out of the energy of number 2, to unite, to bring peace and harmony through balance.

We do hope you will join us. 🙏🏼

Check out our events page for workshop details

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