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Crystal Care

Crystal care basic outline for guidance.

Clean crystals hold clear energetic frequencies that can help to bring your personal energy field into alignment and balance.
Crystals are able to transmit and absorb energies, so keeping your crystals clear is an important part of working with them.
There are many different techniques that will clear and cleanse your crystals.
You can use sound, water, sunlight, moonlight, smudging with sage, visualisation or with just clear intention. These are just some of the methods…most importantly…
always work with a clear intention and focused attention to the process.
Before any sacred practice:
Always become present in the body, ground your energies, centre yourself and work with awareness and connection to light/universal energies/source.
A simple technique is to hold a crystal in your hand, and simply ask that any lower energies be released back to the Earth and returned to light. With practise you will begin to sense or feel intuitively when the crystal is cleansed.
Following clearing of energies it is important to bring light back into your crystal, you can visualise a golden light flowing into and around your crystal.
As you connect to your crystal you can then dedicate your crystal to support your highest good if working on a personal level or for the highest good of all if your crystal will be placed in a shared environment.
You may also wish to tune your crystal for a specific purpose, in this case ensure that the tuning matches and are in harmony with the qualities already present in the crystal.
Please be aware that not all methods are suitable for all crystals as some dissolve in water and others can fade in sunlight.

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