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  • In Person Meditation Group

    These small group sessions are a great place to explore and develop your intuition. They will support development and raising your vibration. They also include crystal techniques that can be used for self healing. Tel: 07754 469402 Email:

  • Stress Healing

    This programme offers guided meditation, energy techniques and Crystal Healing. Stress can often form part of any issues you may be experiencing in the physical body. As such this programme is a great way to begin your healing path and will begin to support change. Tel: 07754 469402 Email:

  • Distance Crystal Healing

    These sessions last approx 30 mins and offer the same healing benefits as regular one to one healing. They are a great way to support your wellbeing during the current changes to services. This way of healing may be new to you, please call with any questions. I would need to assess your suitability for this level of healing. Tel: 07754 469402 Email

  • Crystal Healing

    Energetic healing promotes all aspects of healing and naturally supports the body to deepen into relaxation, to release blocks and align. It is suitable for all and promotes healing at deeper levels. Crystals are powerful tools that are able to absorb and transmit energy. They hold unique healing frequencies that work naturally with the body at very deep levels, they can access complexities and patterns of our innermost world and help release blocks to healing. The body holds a deep wisdom and innate ability for self healing. I work with highly sensitive and intuitive abilities to hold a sacred space for this level of deeper healing work. Sessions last approximately one hour, please wear comfortable clothing. Email: Tel: 07754 469402

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