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  • In Person Meditation Group

    These small group sessions are a great place to explore and develop your intuition. They will support development and raising your vibration. They also include crystal techniques that can be used for self healing. Tel: 07754 469402 Email:

  • Crystal and Energy Healing

    Energetic healing promotes all aspects of healing and naturally supports the body to deepen into relaxation, to release blocks and align. It is suitable for all and promotes healing at deeper levels. Crystals are powerful tools that are able to absorb and transmit energy. They hold unique healing frequencies that work naturally with the body at very deep levels, they can access complexities and patterns of our innermost world and help release blocks to healing. The body holds a deep wisdom and innate ability for self healing. I work with highly sensitive and intuitive abilities to hold a sacred space for this level of deeper healing work. Sessions last approximately one hour, please wear comfortable clothing. Email: Tel: 07754 469402

  • Stress Healing

    This programme offers guided meditation, energy techniques and Crystal Healing. Stress can often form part of any issues you may be experiencing in the physical body. As such this programme is a great way to begin your healing path and will begin to support change. Tel: 07754 469402 Email:

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  • Spring and The Wood Element

    Spring and the Wood Element The Wood Element in the Five Elements is associated with the season of Spring and the time of growth. Wood energy is yang in nature and moves upward and outward. Imagine an acorn germinating and erupting into a seedling, increasing in size and creating canopy and becoming a magnificent oak. After resting through the Winter months and the time of the Water element; Spring is the time for growth and expansion. It is a perfect time to use your Wood energy for planning and pushing your dreams into fruition. Those with a strong Wood element are often very creative and innovative with a capacity to organise and have structures and boundaries. Imbalance in your Wood element can manifest in emotions of anger where boundaries can be lost, and if repressed result in irritability. The sound of Wood is shouting, and the colour is green; those with a Wood imbalance may have a blue/green or yellow/green hue to their complexion. Wood is associated with the ligaments and tendons, when balanced and healthy they will be flexible and strong. Regular Shiatsu sessions can work with the Wood meridians to move and smooth stagnant qi and help soften rigid tight ligaments. For example - a person may need the Water meridians tonified to support and nourish the Wood. Exercise Qigong for the Wood Element If your Wood is out of balance you can be tense from feeling angry or frustrated, this can cause tightness around the ribcage where the Liver and Gallbladder meridians flow. This exercise will soften the area and increase energy flow. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Line up the inside edges of your feet and legs like train tracks. From your hips gently bounce up and down. Feel how your weight travels from your hips down to your feet heavy on the floor. Tuck in your tailbone to straighten your lower back and draw in your chin to lengthen your spine upwards. Relax your shoulders and chest and let your tummy drop. Raise your arms above your head and interlock your fingers to form an arch above your head. Take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. On the out breath gently rock to one side to feel the stretch all the way down the opposite side of your body. Breathe in this position for a few seconds, softening as you stretch. You can disconnect your hands and use the opposite hand to pat around your ribs and down your flank before reconnecting your hands above. Return to centre, breathe in, and on the out breath repeat the exercise on the opposite side. Repeat, 6 times on both sides.

  • Anchoring in a higher vibration....

    How will we emerge ? The current situation for many may be overwhelming, changing the way we live, work and interact. How can we find an anchor and hold more presence in our daily lives in an environment of growing uncertainty. Being grounded and feeling centred is vital, as is developing awareness of a bigger picture which includes the ways we may be called to heal and grow in order for us to reach a breakthrough right now. We find ourselves in a potent time for internal self reflection and preparation, as the Earth begins to heal, can we hold a vision for this greater potential for humanity to follow. A time for us all to connect, find our inner strength, hope, resilience and freedom and to encode these higher frequencies into the morphogenic field. This is a vast field of energy, like a universal feedback loop in life where our intention literally begins to shape our reality. We could choose to view this global pause as a portal of change, where when we honour our connection to nature and humanity, we can bring greater harmony and unify a greater sense of collective purpose. During this time we have had to re-evaluate what is a necessity in our lives. These deeper more meaningful choices come when we become more aware of what conditioned patterns have been running our lives. It is a time to practice slowing down and discovering inner stillness, to listen and connect.To deeply listen we are required to withdraw in order to hold awareness of how we process life, listening is not a result of hearing, it is done with our whole of our being. For me it has become a time to deepen into spiritual practice and develop a stronger connection to the sense of oneness, for insight and to uncover what is truly essential and nourishing. What if we are all being asked to listen, connect and expand……calling forward our highest light and to raise our vibration. A shared collective intention holds a vast intensity of light and also coherence in the morphogenic field. Could this unifying global connection possibly be the breakthrough for healing and raising the vibration of humanity. I have been working more deeply with my crystals and looking at emotional and mental patterns that can be shifted, what can I let go of at this time. I want to share with you the energies of Sodalite as it is such a beautiful crystal for meditation and healing. Sodalite is a rich deep blue crystal with some veining or mottled patches of white Calcite. It holds a gentle but also profound energy that connects to insight and intuition. Intuition is the body’s way of aligning to harmony, flow and a higher potential, it’s a natural guidance system that creates a deepening of inner sensitivity. It is the subtle internal voice of the feminine psyche and the more you trust your intuition the more you connect to your inner knowing, and can help to release deep unease and anxiety. It deepens your connection to your essence, the gentleness of your being and your ability to find acceptance. You are able to take a view from a higher perspective and helps you to go deeply into the inner self, for greater clarity and integration. This higher awareness aids in detaching from obsessive thinking and thought patterns, you gain an openness and trusting that arises when you release constricting life patterns. It helps to soften thoughts that lie rooted in the perception of fear, and to balance intellect with intuition. It is a wonderful crystal to clear the mind, it brings through a deeply supportive energy, calming and balanced.It’s inner system is cubic and can help bring in and to hold higher awareness. In meditation it can deepen your presence and connects to wisdom and to greater sense of or connection to all things. It also has a protective quality, which I find most beneficial at this time where there is a lot of fear. This week I have also been drawn to the growing fullness of the Scorpio Full Moon (the last of three Super Moons) or Flower Moon…at time of transformation and celebration of beauty….a potent symbol of birthing something new….may beauty surround us all. Wishing you all light.

  • Aligning to the Inner Strength

    With a couple of months to go before we are called to spring forth with action and clarity, we are in a very important place to align to our inner strength and nourish ourselves from what brings us joy. By really making this our focus we will be ready, energised and strong to fully welcome the energy of rebirth and possibilities that come with the fresh green shoots of Spring. Finding our inner core and centre is vital to maintaining our life force, we are in a perfect place for deeper work in meditation and looking at old energy patterns and blocks. With this powerful jump into a new decade we are all really being called to look at our shadows and hold them in light, this will help strengthen the feminine aspect and use it as a force for healing and creation. At Light and Body Space we have been working to bring through a new workshop that is all about igniting this path of the divine feminine. The workshop will run on 22nd February. 22 is a powerful frequency to align to our life purpose and bring through greater trust and connection to inner wisdom. The feminine principle emerges out of the energy of number 2, to unite, to bring peace and harmony through balance. We do hope you will join us. 🙏🏼 Check out our events page for workshop details

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  • Crystal Healing/ Meditation/ Surrey/ Crystals, Light And Body Space

    CRYSTALS LIGHT AND BODY Energy Connection Crystal & Energy Healing are holistic therapies that support all aspects of healing to balance body, heart, mind & spirit. The subtle energy of the body and aura form an intelligent field of interconnected vibrational frequencies that form a field of electromagnetic energy that are in constant communication throughout the whole body. Our very sense of wellbeing depends on this vibrant flow of information and at the deepest levels connects us to everything in the universe. The body's natural state of harmony is rebalanced and benefits include: release of blocks, reduced stress and anxiety, increase energy and flow, finding inner peace and sense of connection. Wisdom ~ Evolve ~ Heal CRYSTALS LIGHT AND BODY SPACE PHILOSOPHY A space to blossom and evolve from my passion for crystal healing, the awareness of spirit, light and life force energy. ​ Remembering wholeness, reconnecting to alignment and restoring balance, the importance of being. ​ Creating a place where deeper learnings and understandings can be shared to inspire and tap into the wisdom that allows our essence to rise up. " When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything. " - Lao Tzu PHILOSOPHY MEET US DAWN WOOD ​ Crystal Healing Energy Healing Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner Stress Healing Meditation Teacher ​ HASLEMERE, SURREY Crystal healing sessions hold a transformational space that enable the subtle energies within body's energy field to alchemise. They promote deeper healing at the root cause of imbalance. Dawn is highly intuitive and perceptive, she works with integrity and sensitivity to honour and empower your healing journey. Energy healing supports the innate ability of the body to restore balance and vitality, activating the body's natural ability to heal. Dawn works with subtle energy frequencies, resonance fields and vibrational geometric patterns for wellbeing and awakening to your soul path. Crystals are transformational healing tools that hold focused frequencies to bring the subtle energies of the body into harmony and alignment. They assist with the release of old patterns by healing the origin of imbalance, they support integration of higher frequencies and a path of inner development. Dawn trained at the Academy of Inner Resonance and the Vibrational Healing Foundation , she is a member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine . Book Crystal Healing WORKSHOPS Meditation Classes and Workshops These classes offer a direct experience of Meditation with a focus on Subtle Energy and working with Crystals Meditation Dawn is running meditation classes both online and In-Person. These classes will help you to strengthen your connection and hold greater levels of awareness. The sessions welcome you into a space of embodied light and presence. We develop the higher senses and explore the inner space. You will develop your intuition and work higher frequencies that will help you to raise your personnal vibration. Feeling, listening, sensing and going within. Mediation is a deeply yin practice, soft, gentle and surrendering. ​ The Inner Journey, this group is suitable for those who already have some experience of working with energy and meditation. The Journey Unfolds, this group is aimed at those new to crystals with a focus on the innerstanding of energy. Covering more of the basics of grounding, connection and the energy field. Online Thursday once a month 7.30pm-8.30pm Cost £21 for three sessions or £9 for one Return To Stillness New In Person Meditation Group Beginning Wednesday 14th June 10.15am-11.30am 5 weeks £50.00 Held in my healing room Hindhead, Surrey Mediation circle runs over 5 weeks, working to a deeper level and learning crystal self healing techniques. They aim to support a path of development and nurture your soul force within. Together we explore the experience of embodied presence. Crystal energies hold unique levels of enfolded information, consciousness that aid our connection and allow for awareness to unfold. They are powerful tools that shift you into your awareness and connection to the sacred dimension of spiritual life. Free Crystal Talk Upper Room, Apothecary 27, Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HN Saturday 17th June From 1.00pm-2.00pm Booking Essential {8 people} ​ Join me to explore Crystals and Crystal Healing, the session will include a guided meditation. Discover how crystals can nourish your inner life and explore the domain of subtle energy, Book Your Place Crystal Workshop De-Stressing Crystal Meditation Workshop The workshop will explore crystals that have a deeply relaxing quality and can be helpful for releasing patterns of tension and stress. Connecting to the body's subtle energy domain Dawn will use guided meditation and attunement to restore ease calm and balance. The workshop will welcome you into a space of embodied light and presence. Sunday 21st May 3.00pm-5.00pm Cost £35.00 Wild Nest Yoga Studio, Winton Road, Petersfield GU35 3HA Booking Wild Nest The Feminine Torch - Lighting the path Subscribe to Receive Information on Workshops and Deals! Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Subscribe CONTACT GET IN TOUCH email: tel: 07754 469402 Light and Body Space Facebook Find Dawn in the beautiful town of Haslemere on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex Send Success! Message received.

  • CRYSTAL CARE | Light and Body Space

    Crystal Care Crystal care basic outline for guidance. Clean crystals hold clear energetic frequencies that can help to bring your personal energy field into alignment and balance. Crystals are able to transmit and absorb energies, so keeping your crystals clear is an important part of working with them. There are many different techniques that will clear and cleanse your crystals. You can use sound, water, sunlight, moonlight, smudging with sage, visualisation or with just clear intention. These are just some of the methods…most importantly… always work with a clear intention and focused attention to the process. Before any sacred practice: Always become present in the body, ground your energies, centre yourself and work with awareness and connection to light/universal energies/source. A simple technique is to hold a crystal in your hand, and simply ask that any lower energies be released back to the Earth and returned to light. With practise you will begin to sense or feel intuitively when the crystal is cleansed. Following clearing of energies it is important to bring light back into your crystal, you can visualise a golden light flowing into and around your crystal. As you connect to your crystal you can then dedicate your crystal to support your highest good if working on a personal level or for the highest good of all if your crystal will be placed in a shared environment. You may also wish to tune your crystal for a specific purpose, in this case ensure that the tuning matches and are in harmony with the qualities already present in the crystal. Please be aware that not all methods are suitable for all crystals as some dissolve in water and others can fade in sunlight. ​ ​ ​

  • STRESS HEALING | Light and Body Space

    Stress Healing By managing stress we can restore a sense of wellbeing, some indication of stress include: feeling low or overwhelmed, overly emotional, increased irritability, anxiety, tension, body aches, trouble sleeping. I offer a programme of four sessions to help bring awareness to the impact of stress, equip you with tools to manage this and support you moving forward. Booking Stress Healing The programme consists of four in depth sessions each lasting approx 1 hour. Helping you to build awareness around stress and gain insight and clarity. Each session includes an appropriate level of energetic support with Crystal Healing, enabling development to a deeper level. Overview Stress Release Relaxation Grounding Strengthening Relaxation Self He lp Crystal Healing Guided Mediataion Wellbeing Stress can easily become a background noise to our life when not fully addressed, eventually impacting our ability to enjoy life. This programme provides healing support to help you to move through issues, creating more ease helping you to restore a natural balance. Stress Healing Testimonials These sessions hold space for you to grow from the inside out, allowing the breath to lead the way into presence. Finding stillness within and being at ease. Client's Experience "I went to Dawn for Stress Healing, something I knew very little about. Dawn was calm and caring and explained everything before the session which helped me to relax. The treatment was very insightful and I would highly recommend Dawn for her knowledge and amazing spiritual guidance." -N.F.

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