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 Energy Connection

Crystal & Energy Healing are holistic therapies that support all aspects of healing to balance body, heart, mind & spirit. The subtle energy of the body and aura form an intelligent field of interconnected vibrational frequencies that form a field of electromagnetic energy that are in constant communication throughout the whole body. Our very sense of wellbeing depends on this vibrant flow of information and at the deepest levels connects us to everything in the universe. The body's natural state of harmony is rebalanced and benefits include: release of blocks, reduced stress and anxiety, increase energy and flow, finding inner peace and sense of connection. 

Wisdom ~ Evolve ~ Heal

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A space to blossom and evolve from my passion for crystal healing, the awareness of spirit, light and life force energy.

Remembering wholeness, reconnecting to alignment and restoring balance, the importance of being. 

Creating a place where deeper learnings and understandings can be shared to inspire and tap into the wisdom that allows our essence to rise up.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 

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Crystal Healing

Energy Healing

Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner

Stress Healing

Meditation Teacher


Crystal healing sessions hold a transformational space that enable the subtle energies within body's energy field to alchemise. They promote deeper healing at the root cause of imbalance. Dawn is highly intuitive and perceptive, she works with integrity and sensitivity to honour and empower your healing journey. Energy healing supports the innate ability of the body to restore balance and vitality, activating the body's natural ability to heal. Dawn works with subtle energy frequencies, resonance fields and vibrational geometric patterns for wellbeing and awakening to your soul path. Crystals are transformational healing tools that hold focused frequencies to bring the subtle energies of the body into harmony and alignment. They assist with the release of old patterns by healing the origin of imbalance, they support integration of higher frequencies and a path of inner development. Dawn trained at the Academy of Inner Resonance and the Vibrational Healing Foundation, she is a member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.


Meditation Classes and Workshops

These classes offer a direct experience of Meditation with a focus on Subtle Energy and working with Crystals



Dawn is running meditation classes both online and In-Person.


These classes will help you to strengthen your connection and hold greater levels of awareness. The sessions welcome you into a space of embodied light and presence. We develop the higher senses and explore the inner space. You will develop your intuition and work higher frequencies that will help you to raise your personnal vibration.


Feeling, listening, sensing and going within. Mediation is a deeply yin practice, soft, gentle and surrendering.

The Inner Journey, this group is suitable for those who already have some experience of working with energy and meditation.


The Journey Unfolds, this group is aimed at those new to crystals with a focus on the innerstanding of energy. Covering more of the basics of grounding, connection and the energy field.

Online Thursday once a month



Cost £21 for three sessions or £9 for one


Return To Stillness

New In Person Meditation Group

Beginning Wednesday 14th June


5 weeks


Held in my healing room Hindhead, Surrey

Mediation circle runs over 5 weeks, working to a deeper level and learning crystal self healing techniques. They aim to support a path of development and nurture your soul force within. Together we explore the experience of embodied presence.

Crystal energies hold unique levels of enfolded information, consciousness that aid our connection and allow for awareness to unfold. They are powerful tools that shift you into your awareness and connection to the sacred dimension of spiritual life.

Free Crystal Talk

Saturday 17th June

From 1.00pm-2.00pm

Booking Essential {8 people}

Join me to explore Crystals and Crystal Healing, the session will include a guided meditation.

Discover how crystals can nourish your inner life and explore the domain of subtle energy, 

Crystal Workshop

De-Stressing Crystal Meditation Workshop

The workshop will explore crystals that have a deeply relaxing quality and can be helpful for releasing patterns of tension and stress. 

Connecting to the body's subtle energy domain Dawn will use guided meditation and attunement to restore ease calm and balance.

The workshop will welcome you into a space of embodied light and presence.

Sunday 21st May 3.00pm-5.00pm

Cost £35.00

Wild Nest Yoga Studio, Winton Road, Petersfield GU35 3HA

The Feminine Torch -

Lighting the path

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tel: 07754 469402

Find Dawn in the beautiful town of Haslemere on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

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